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From product design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and after-sales service

  • Strength Guarantee

    With steel structure, casting unit and logistics transportation unit, annual output capacity of tens of thousands of tons

    Numerous well-known enterprise of suppliers, company offers hundreds of producer gas generator gas station

  • Product Guarantee

    Eight production lines make the control process, the product steam output is high, the running stability.

    pk10开奖结果With advanced testing instruments and testing equipment as the guarantee of product quality qualified.

  • Technical Support

    We have 30 years experience in coal gasification technology.

    China's national high-tech enterprises, has a number of invention and utility model patent

    Products by the national ministry of China identified as clean environmental protection, technical level has reached international standards

  • Service Guarantee

    We set design, production, installation and after-sales service one-stop comprehensive services

    More than 500 people, senior professional team, free customized gas generator engineering solutions

    365 days 24 hours after-sales service, to provide door-to-door installation guide

about us

Jinan Huangtai Coal Gas Furnace Co., Ltd is a manufacture enterprise engaged in various coal gas equipment and supporting de-dusting equipment, sewage treatment equipment, desulfuring equipment, B-class boiler, etc. It is also a design company in complete electric and automatic system, providing package service from product design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning to after-sale service.

pk10开奖结果 Main products: Single-stage/two-stage fixed-bed coal gas producer of various specifications; Circulating fluidized bed gasifier of various specifications; Supporting purification equipment for gasification furnace (quench tower, scrubbing tower, intercooler, wet-type electric precipitator, electrical tar precipitator, and special service valves for various coal gas); desulfurization equipment and system, coal gas waste heat recovery system, etc.

With advanced technologies, excellent quality, our company provides consumers with a package service from project support, product design, manufacture, installation, commission to “24 hours” after-sale service.
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Engineering cases

pk10开奖结果Numerous well-known enterprise of suppliers, company offers hundreds of producer gas generator gas station


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